Blackhead Extraction Treatment

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The goal of any person is to have clear, healthy, and glowing skin. Not only is it a sign of youthfulness and vigor, but it can make you feel beautiful and more confident. But let's face it. There are plenty of things in the day that can damage your skin. Anything from the foods we eat to the makeup on our faces every day can lead to clogged and damaged pores. This is why several people suffer with acne and unhealthy skin. Acne can cause people to search for "skin treatment spa near me" to find a spa to help handle breakouts and ongoing acne problems. The team at La Suite Spa is here to help. We have a range of facial treatments that are specially designed to treat, remove, and reduce the signs of acne. It is entirely possible to achieve healthy and clear skin, simply by making your skin care regiment a priority.


Many people seek facials for acne treatment. Depending on your skin type, we have the right facial for you. We are able to customize your facial to suit sensitive or oily skin. The last thing we want to do is worsen your acne, so we custom create a facial to meet your skin type and skin needs. Facials for acne are tremendously successful because of the multi step process to facials. Not only do we help exfoliate the skin, which can remove dead skin cells that can clog pores, but we fully cleanse and hydrate the skin. A little known fact is that sometimes acne is caused by the skin being too dry. Their body will try to produce excess oil to hydrate the skin, which can result in clogged pores. Let the team at La Suite Spa discuss your various skin treatments and concerns. We are sure to find just the right treatment for a noticeable improvement.


One of out most popular facial procedures is our blackhead extraction treatment. Blackheads form from impacted pores on the surface of the skin. Many things can impact a pore ranging from dead skin cells, to oil, to pollutants simply collected from walking through the city. Blackheads are noticeably visible and can appear as tiny black dots on the face. Many people see a collection of blackheads around the edges of the nose, where it can be difficult to properly clean and exfoliate. Our blackhead extraction treatment removes these blackheads in a painless and quick procedure. As part of the treatment, we thoroughly cleanse the area, which can help prevent future blackheads from forming in their place. This treatment is painless and the results are instant. Talk to the professionals at La Suite Spa to see if the blackhead extraction treatment is right for you.