Facial Spa with Mobile Services

Stamford, CT

You deserve some attention and TLC in your life. Just a few hours once a month to sit down and focus on your health and wellbeing. Or, at least your skin does. It is time to begin your search for a "facial spa near me". Finding a spa that is close and convenient can make you more likely to perform regular skin care treatments. La Suite Spa is local and professional, with a wide range of services. From our facials to massages, we are sure to find just the right combination to not only help you feel pampered, but will help make your skin healthier. Healthy skin has several health benefits and can also help boost your confidence. We also offer several spa packages that can make your monthly treatments more accessible and more affordable. For memberships, we offer a discount on each service as a way to thank our return clients for choosing us time and time again.


Many people search for a "spa around me" and simply chose the closest or cheapest spa. While this certainly is sound logic, often people are left unhappy with their results. Finding a trusted and professional "spa around me" can make all the difference in the level of service you receive. At La Suite Spa, we are passionate about safety and professionalism. We understand in the spa industry that your reputation speaks volumes. We are known to have a tremendous reputation in the area, and strive to keep it that way. We are known for our attention to detail, customer satisfaction, safety, and variety of spa services. Not only are you sure to find just the right treatment, but you can rest easy knowing it will be performed in a safe setting by only the most professional people.


Local spas are a great place to go. First, they have the wonderful convenience factor associated with them. It is important to find local spas that are close to home and easy to get to. The last thing we want is for you to become stressed with your commute to and from the spa. Secondly though, local spas know the area and are passionate about the community. At La Suite Spa, we understand that our community is what keeps us in business. We like to keep our business local and enjoy the local flare of the area. Local spas are able to breathe life into the local economy, putting money back into the place that we know and love. Local spas are familiar with the community and help to benefit everyone in it. At La Suite Spa, we are passionate about our community, and we want the world to know.