Microneedling Facial

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Microneedling is an intensive, yet effective, practice to help make the skin appear more youthful. Because of this, many people often search for "microneedling facial near me" to find a spa capable of performing this intricate procedure. When searching for a spa to perform microneedling, be sure to find a professional, knowledgeable, and trusted spa. The team at La Suite Spa meets these requirements. Led by our head esthetician, Staccy, we are trained and certified to perform this delicate procedure.


The microneedling treatment involves taking a tiny needle and pricking the surface of the skin. This procedure is most commonly performed on the surface of the face, however it is possible to perform this treatment on other areas of the body. A microneedling treatment is a way to create controlled, and safe, damage to the skin. This tricks the body into believing there has been an injury. Technically, an injury has occurred to the body, however it has been done in a monitored and safe way, performed by a trained professional. As a result, the body sends a flood of vitamins, minerals, and blood to the damaged area.


In turn, the microneedling facial has several benefits. First, the influx of blood to the facial region can make the skin appear to glow, and appear healthier. The blood also brings several beneficial nutrients and vitamins. These can help heal and restore the skin. One of the nutrients that floods to the damaged area is collagen. This can help fill in the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead. These wrinkles can often make people appear older than they actually are. Once the sign of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced, the skin can take on a more youthful and full appearance. Over time, the skin can begin to lose some elasticity. A microneedling facial is a great way to help restore this elasticity and give the appearance of fresher skin.