How Often Should You Get A Facial?

Having regular facials is necessary to have healthy and glowing skin. However, if you want to reap the optimum benefits of having facial, you must have regular facials coupled with a good skin care regimen.

General Recommendations for Having Facial

Generally, it is advisable to have facial in 3 to 4 weeks, which is the approximate length of your skin's life cycle. After every 3 to 4 weeks, skin cells grow back so you can take facial accordingly to have naturally glowing skin.

However, how often you should get facial is challenging to decide as scheduling of regular facials.

Let us look at some factors that may help you gauge the length of time between two consecutive facials.

Factors to Consider for Ideal Facial Schedule

Different people get a facial for different reasons like some take to preserve their youthful looks while some choose to have their skin cleaned up. Your facial schedule depends on various factors, including your skincare goals, skin type, and concerns, as described below.

Skincare Goals

Your skin care goals can decide your skincare regimen. According to your age and skin affecting factors, this skincare regimen will need to change. For instance, if you have more exposure to the sun, chemicals, and pollution, you must have more frequent facials to keep your skin clean and healthy. If you are facing aging issues, your esthetician can also suggest you for more frequent facials.

Skin Type

Your skin type can decide the frequency of your facials like if you have oily skin, then you need more frequent facials. If you have sensitive skin, then your consultant can suggest limiting your facials to once every two months.

If you have acne-prone skin, then you are advised to visit your esthetician during your acne breakouts to get clean-up for your skin.

Specific Skin Issues

Depending on your skin issues, your doctor may suggest you for particular skin treatments like peels, eye enhancements. Such skin treatments are done in multiple sittings, so in that case, you have to schedule your meetings according to your esthetician only.

Skin Rejuvenation Speed

How speedily your skin rejuvenates after a facial can also decide the frequency of your facials. If your skin rejuvenates fast, then you will need fewer facials. Even at a younger age, you need fewer facials due to quicker rejuvenation of more youthful skin than older skin.

Occasional Facials

If you cannot take regular or frequent facials like one or two in a month due to some reasons like a busy job schedule or finances, then you must get a facial at least with every season change. As seasons change, skin experiences damages so your seasonal facials scheduling can protect your skin from this damage.

Concluding Note

The factors, as mentioned earlier and your commitment to adopting a skincare regimen, can answer how often you should take facial. For the better answer, you may even consult your esthetician as only he could understand the specific need of your skin and suggest you for an ideal facial schedule. Contact Staccy Aesthetics for all of your skincare needs.

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