New Beauty Trends In 2020

When it comes to beauty, then everyone becomes concerned and excited to know about the latest trends including Staccy Aesthetics. Beauty trends change with time and decade, so it is essential to know them. So let's take this energy and excitement in the 2020 and kick things off right. Have a look at the list of 2020 beauty trends mentioned below: Gemstone Eyes This decade inventive is focusing on eyeliner and rhinestones. Even models had ruby red crystals all over their lids and around their beautiful eyes to enhance their eye beauty. The 2020 runways featured more subtle variations like cool confetti eyes, stick-on rhinestones on the inner corners of the eyes, and smoky eyes with gemstones, etc. Crystal Nails In 2020 catwalks, more emphasis has been given to improve the appearance of nails. Models place crystals in a line along with cuticles or tips. Even chunky glitter polish is also an insignificant trend in this decade. Knotted Headbands Padded headbands of last year have been replaced with the knotted headbands this year. All over the runways, exciting styles of headband could be seen. Pastel Eye Shadow As discussed above, the year 2020 is all about beautifying eyes, how the beauty of the eyes can be complete without eye shadow. In 2020 catwalks, most of the models flaunted their eyes by applying pretty pastel shades. Pearl-Adorned Braids Like last year, in 2020, pearl accessories continue to be in trends. This year's trend of pearls has been taken ahead by weaving beads into braids. Even in the market, these pearls are readily available and comfortable to wear into braids. Micro French Mani is Back In 2020, the French manicure is back with a modern touch. In the 2020 version, you could see less repainted nails with super-thin tips. Even you can keep your tips white but make the line as fine as possible. Black, silver, glittery tips have also been in trend to glam up traditional french manicures. Hair Clips Well, it seems very old fashioned to talk about hair clips in 2020, but hair clips are indeed emerging trends of this year. You can flaunt with pearl clips, adorned bobby pins, or gold claw clips to match with beauty trends of 2020. Blush-Pink Makeup The light touch of makeup is trending this year. Touch up of soft makeup on your cheeks, eyes, and lips make you look stunning. Blush pink lipstick makes a dewy glow on your beautiful face. Space Tattoos If you are a tattoo lover, then the year 2020 has something innovative for you. As this year, people are taking tattoo inspiration from space by getting tattoos of stars, moons, planets, and spaceships. Take Away Well, the above mentioned is a handful of beauty trends of 2020. All the above directions are about embracing your beauty and personality to start your day with confidence. Now it's time to throw some rhinestone on your eyes, pile on the blush, have glittery nails with stunning nail arts, and flaunt with latest beauty trends of 2020.

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